New England 1000

1000 Miles - 24 Hours





For the New England 1000 you will do this route once. If you are doing the New England 2000, you will need to do this route twice. The route is very tight, there are no wasted miles. If you stray from the route, or cut some of the corners, you will be short of the needed miles. Don't try to reinvent the wheel, all the work has been done for you, just ride the route and enjoy.




Route 17 west through Augusta to I-95 north. In Bangor, take Exit 182B, route 2 west across Maine, N.H. and Vermont to South Burlington. This is a good motorcycle road, enjoy the scenery.




In South Burlington take route 89 south to route 91 south. Take route 91 south thru Vermont, Mass and into New Haven, Conn.




In New Haven take route 95 north  thru Conn and Rhode Island into Providence. From there take route 195 east thru Fall River and New Bedford to route 495. Take route 495 north to route 24 north.




Take route 24 north to route 93 south to 95 north. Stay on route 95 north thru Mass., N.H. and into Maine. Stay on I-95 (Maine Turnpike), take Exit 44, route 295 north. Follow route 295 thru Portland and in Gardiner take I-95 north. Stay on 95 north until you reach Augusta. Take Exit 109, route 17 east. Follow route 17 east back to the start point.