New England 1000

1000 Miles - 24 Hours


Tips From the Crew



Don’t travel alone, pairs is best. We recommend no more than four motorcycles to a group.


Watch your breaks. Combine food, gas, and bathroom stops. Make them as short as possible, especially in the beginning when you’re less fatigued.


Take full advantage of daylight hours and make a concerted effort to put in as many miles as possible before darkness falls.


Forget about high speeds. A steady rider can do more miles than someone who races. He doesn’t have to waste time looking for gas because of the poor gas mileage high speeds offer.


Before the trip, prepare your motorcycle. Avoid adding accessories or that motor job that will give you 100 more horsepower. An endurance run is no place to be testing new parts.


A cell phone. If you do run into a problem, or you ignored the preceding tip, this handy little item can make getting help an easy task.


Stop to go faster. If you are not able to maintain a steady speed, you are tired. Stop at a rest area, gas station, or somewhere safe, and take a nap. A picnic table makes a great bed, or lay down beside your bike or on your bike. This is what all veteran endurance riders do, and is a common site on the Iron Butt Run.


Get gas before you need it. Taking a detour to find gas when you need it will blow the time you saved by not stopping.


If fatigue becomes a problem, DON’T BE STUPID!!, pull over and get some rest. Remember, this is not a race.


A windshield and backrest will help you ride comfortable.


Be prepared for all kinds of weather; hot, cold, wet, windy. We strongly recommend taking along cold weather clothing, rain gear, extra socks, long underwear, suntan lotion, water, and some quick, high-energy food.


If you’re coming long distance to participate in this event, you might want to consider arriving the night before and take a motel room in order to get a fresh start in the morning. Following is a list of motels in the Augusta area:



Econo Lodge                   207-622-6371                  Comfort Inn                     207-623-1000


Best Western                  207-622-5804                  Motel 6                            207-622-0000


Super 8 Motel                  207-626-2888                  Quality Inn                      207-622-3776