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2008 Photo Additions

Gary, Val and Lacy Mellott Lacy rides almost everywhere with the Mellots, including theirJuly 7. 2004 SaddleSore. That little dog has been riding since she was a puppy, and has about 60,000 miles under her belt.

Darryl Petrak's Honda 250 Rebel a.k.a. "Baby Wing" A SaddleSore on a 250?! You have to be kidding! 11/26/04 50k

Jerry Stanfield's Honda Rune set-up to finish the Baby Butt 1000 You won't see a lot of Rune's with 1,000 miles on them, more less 1,000 miles in 1 day! 10/07/04 70k

Mark Meftah, Darwin Denty, Kim Denty, Tim Frey, and Dennis Sterling taking a fast break on their SaddleSore ride in St. Louis 01/12/04 68k

Rebecca Vaughn on her Beemer in Beemeron her SaddleSore 1000 12/15/03 50k

Jan Hubner at the completion of his SaddleSore 1000 After 24 hours behind the bars. no need for more speed? 12/05/03 50k

Gene Schaetten and company, SaddleSore 1000 No big touring rigs here, just your basic Harley-Davidson! 11/17/03 52k

Derrick Sutton, Bill Thweatt, John McCrindle and Bernard Petherbridge Australian 50cc 11/13/03 45k

Sisters Sue Howard and Juanita Murray enjoy a SaddleSore 1000 05/27/03 27k

Our proud members telling us what they think about this Iron Butt thing! Rated XX for Mature Audiences only! 01/13/02 40k

Wesley Symonds and his daughter, Dana, on their Honda Trike before the SaddleSore 1000 A unique set-up for the SaddleSore! 11/23/02 43k

Michael Thibodeau's V-Rod on the SaddleSore 1000 No, those are not shorts (hey, it is snowing and he is on a V-Rod, those are knee pads!) 09/24/02 18k

Chip Huling gets a welcome home from his daughter Zoe after a grueling SaddleSore ride09/16/02 18k

Gary Orr's July SaddleSore on a 1960 BMW R69! After winning the "Classic Twin Restored" class at the BMW National Rally in Redmond Oregon, Gary decided to end the event with the perfect ride, a SaddleSore 1000! 11/15/2001 40k

Mikko Sani's June SaddleSore on a BMW C1 11/13/2001 30k

A Bun Burner GOLD on a Boss Hoss?! Glenn Boglisch's Triumphent return home! 11/06/2001 15k

Howard Burcham after a much needed shave and shower at end of his SaddleSore 1000 10/23/2001 37k

Kim Raub Sr, Terry Grim and Kim Raub Natural Bridge, Viginia 10/23/2001 40k

Matti Paaki at Lappland/Utsjoki and the river Teno, Finland Jukka Turunen and Matti Paaki 10/23/2001 25k

Celebrating a Finnish Finish The end of a long ride, Karl-Erik Fagerholm, Pentti Hori and Jari Saraniva celebrate their May 2001 SaddleSore ride 07/20/2001 25k

The Chicago Tribune Takes on the Bun Burner 1500 Tribune Motorcycle writer Bob Weber and friends Eric Parsons, Matt Parsons, Jim Murphy and Jimmy White 07/20/2001 125k

SaddleSore 1000 from Brazil Alvaro Teixeira, Murce Hernrique Strel, Luiz Alberto Feliz Alves, Xisto Ximenes, Nelson Chardosim, Jose Pedro C. Lazzarotto and Wolney Tavares 07/20/2001 115k

Jean-Luc Grosjean A future Iron Butt Rider checks out the Iron Butt Motel! 07/20/2001 12k

Rogerio Schroder's Brazil SaddleSore on Yamaha 125s! Did'nt anyone tell these guys this isn't possible! 06/01/2001 16k

Bill Jennings Uni-Go set-up Iron Butt Rider Boyd Young takes time out to witness a SaddleSore ride 06/01/2001 14k

Michael Thibodeau's Hayabusa You don't see many of these on a SaddleSore! 05/35/01 22k

Charles Haas' "unique" SaddleSore V-Max! 02/24/2001 16k

Arctic Circle SaddleSore in January! Somebody forgot to tell Jon Krigsholm from Finland that rides like this are not possible! (note how dark it is, photo taken at 3:00 pm) 01/29/2001a31k

SaddleSore finisher Constable Bruce Chomeakwich's "Cop Card" 01/2001 31k

Singapore SaddleSore Jerome Chong Kawasaki 650 near the Malaysia/Thai Border 01/2001 26k

Thomas Pientka 10/23/00 SaddleSore set-up 01/2001 26k

Steve Long and more group SaddleSore 11/2000 01/2001 31k

Sean Gallagher 2000 Trans Canadian Quest 01/2001 31k

Mikko Sani Saddlesore 1000 from Finland 12/2000 34k

SaddleSore 1000 from Turkey 12/2000 92k

Jym and Ann Batey's NPT ride 71 parks and USA Four Corners tour 12/2000 50k

Greate Collage of photos from 1999 SaddleSore 500k

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