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Harley-Davidson Plate Backs

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There are four unique approaches to Harley-Davidson fitments...



a different approach entirely! visit Custom Mud Flap for more informatoin.

Zelma Ultra Classic
another combining plate back types...(Max and Debbie Zemla)

The Zemla's added a Tour Pack Chrome Accent Rail and then added a chrome license plate holder. Engraved map from (all states are colored in because the Zemla's have ridden to all of them!) and then added two IBA plate backs (top versions).

H-D Meddallion
another approach using an IBA Meddallion

Ultra Classic fitments

Ultra Classic
Michael Shapiro's set-up

Creative thinking when all else fails!

FLHX Street Glide fitments

2008 - bottom
2007 - bottom (James Fochs)

Heritage Softail Classic fitments

2008 FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic

FLSTF Fat Boy fitments

2008 FLSTF FatBoy

FXDB Dyna Street Bob fitments

2008 FXDB Dyna Street Bob

Softail fitments

2008 Softail

V-Rod fitments

2008 VRSCxx V-Rod

XL1200 fitments

2008 XL1200N Nightster

2008 XL1200 Sportster

SX250 fitments

Yes, this is a Harley! SX250 Dual Sport

Note slote drilled for plate holder to slip through.

Fitment list

Duece Unknown

Dyna Custom (FXDCI) PROBABLY Print on Top

(may also be called Dyna Super Glide Custom?)

Dyna Low Rider (FXDL) PROBABLY Print on Top

Dyna Super Glide (FXD) Print on Top

Dyna Super Glide Sport (FXDX) Print on Top

Dyna Super Glide T-Sport(FXDXT) Print on Top

Dyna Wide Glide (FXDWG) Print on Bottom

Dyna Sport Unknown

Electra Glide Standard (FLHT/FLHTI) Print on Top

Electra Glide (with Trunk) Nothing really fits - to tight

Electra Glide Classic (FLHTC FLHTCI)Print on Top DONNA says BOTTOM!!!

Electra Glide Ultra (unknown)

Electra Glide Ultra Classic (FLSTCUI) (unknown Donna thinks bottom)
2005 TOP Chris #33046

Tony Casciato Electra Glide Ultra Classic:

See Custom Mud Flap above for how to make this flap

Street Glide (FLHX?) Bottom

Street Rod (unknown)


Heritage Print on Top (needs modifications)

The Heritages do not really have enough room to mount the plate back. Here, Tom Goulette has adapted his plate, but with extensive modifications: I had to cut a hole in the plastic right above the "I" in MAINE on the plate, to allow the bracket to poke through. The plate (and consequently the IBA holder) is attached via two bolts in the lower two bolt holes, and a hooked bracket that slides up and down (until locked in place with a another nut/bolt) behind the plate, holds it from the top. The hole I cut was to allow the slide-bar bracket to come through and grip the top of the plate. Also, I'll need to trim a little more where the bars of the luggage rack are pressing down on the plastic IBA holder. I'll just scallop that out at each bar with a knife.

Heritage Softail Classic (FLSTC FLSTCI) Print on Top

Heritage Springer (FLSTS FLSTSI) Print on Top

Night Train (FXSTB/FXSTBI) PROBABLY Print on Bottom

FXRT unknown

Road Glide (FLTRI) Print on Top

Road King (FLHR FLHRI) Print on Top

Road King (with Tail Rack) Nothing really fits - to tight

Road King (quick detach luggage rack) Print on Top

Road King Classic (FLHRCI) Print on Top

2008 Road King Classic FLHRC - 2008 Harley Davidson FLHRC says PRINT ON BOTTOM

Road King Peace Officer Special Edition Unknown

Road King Fire Fighter Special Edition Unknown

Road King Police Unknown

Screaming Eagle Road King PROBABLY Print on Top

Screaming Eagle Deuce PROBABLY Print on Bottom

Softail (FXST/FXSTI) Print on Bottom

Softail Deuce (FXSTD FXSTDI) PROBABLY Print on Bottom

Softail Deluxe(FLSTN) PROBABLY Print on Top

Softail Custom (FXSTC) Print on Bottom

Sportster (XL 883R) Print on Top
Sportster 883 Custom (XL 883C) Print on Top
Sportster 883 (XLH) Print on Top
Sportster 883 Hugger (XLH) Print on Top
Sportster 1200 Custom (XL1200C) Print on Top
Sportster 1200 Sport (XL1200S) Print on Top
Springer Softail (FXSTS FXSTSI) PROBABLY Print on Bottom
Street Bob No idea assume bottom
Dyna Street Bob No idea assume bottom
SuperGlide Print on Top
T-Sport Print on Top
FLHTCUSE Screamin Eagle Ultra Classic Electra Glide (UNKNOWN) assume Bottom
Ultra Classic (FLHTCUI) Print on Bottom Tour Pack interferes - tight fit
And you cannot really see the plate back. Some people Have mounted the plate back on the chrome bars Michael Shapiro photo Ultra Classic

V-Rod Unknown

Blast ! Top ( will need modification to holder)
M2 (1999) Bottom (Print top will work, but woul need drill new holes to relocte plate mount
X-1 Print on Top
S3T Top Print on bottom will work, but must remount relectors or drill new plate mounting holes.

S3T Print on Top Print on Bottom will work, but must remount reflectors or drill new plate mounting holes.
Ulysses (XB12X) Print on Bottom


GL1800 Either Style Can use top plate with bottom SS


Vulcan 1500 Print on Bottom

Triump America Print on TOP See John E. Boon, Jr.
Model: H-D FLHR Road King
Year: 2000
Michael, I used the plate back with printing on the top. My Road King has the Harley quick detach luggage rack and the plate back fit without any modification. The top of the plate back fit within mm's of the bottom of the luggage rack. Thanks for the top print back, I have wanted to display my plate back since my first SS ride a couple of years ago but no way would the bottom print back work with the Road King. Thanks again. Jason Kirschman
Member #8557

Other applications members have written in suggesting:

Dyna Super Glide Top
Dyna Wide Glide Bottom
Electra Glide w/tunk Nothing really fits to tight
Electra Glide Ultra Classic (FLSTCUI) Bottom
Fat Boy - FLSTF Top
FXST Custom Top
FLHTC Bottom
FXRS Convertible
Heritage (FLSTS) Top
Road Glide Top
Road King (with tail rack) FLHRCI Nothing really fits to tight
Road King (quick detach luggage rack Top
Road King FLHRCT
Softail Bottom
Sportster Top
Super Glide Top
T-Sport Top


2007 Yamaha Road Star Midnight Lyndon L. Kratochwill says needs TOP! (2/16/08)

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